Dudley Fair

Weaving the sound of South Boulevard together are the raspy, deep, soulful vocals of lead vocalist Dudley Fair. Being a student of the Regal Theatre in the 1960s, Dudley’s passion for music was inspired by such musicians as Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and the Temptations, to name a few. As his talents developed, he soon landed a recording contract with Capitol Records with two other outstanding vocalists, Cecil Lide and Larry Fischer. Dudley has played with various groups such as Soul Experience and Flashback Chicago focusing on blues, rock and R&B. His explosive harp playing is reminiscent of such luminaries as Little Walter and James Cotton.


  1. i knew Dudley beginning in 1969 or so. later,in 72 we jammed from time to time.he asked me to play bass in one band,but i could not do it. i always regretted that.Dudley was,and still is a great singer.and the band is smokin’.last time i saw him,he had started Experience#2.they gave me an impromptu performance in the lobby at Kendall College.Wow

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