South Boulevard Band Album (Digital Download)

South Boulevard Band Album (Digital Download)


Track List:

  1. Happy Havin’ Fun (Love in Your Heart)
  2. Ordinary Man
  3. Floyd
  4. Will I Find Her?
  5. Teenie Weenie (Bit of Your Love)
  6. All Around the World
  7. I’m Goin’ Home
  8. Someone Else is Steppin’ In
  9. Turning Point
  10. Woke Up This Morning
  11. Mighty Wind


Four years in the making, Dudley and the SBB fellas are finally proud to announce the birth of their very first CD, weighing in at a whopping eleven tunes! Recorded and produced by the Grammy-winning Jim Tullio at Butcher Boy Studios, “South Boulevard Band” captures our energetic essence, from soulful ballads to hard-rockin’ R & B originals and classic covers. So pour yourself a tall one and put on your dancin’ shoes before you press play…WHOOO-WEEEE!

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